Narrow V-belts acc. to DIN 7753

V-belts and pulleys

Narrow V-belts acc. to DIN 7753

We stock narrow V-belts in the profiles XPZ/SPZ, XPA/SPA, XPB/SPB and XPC/SPC.

Lengths up to 3000mm Conti-V FO Pioneer molded cog and lengths above 3000mm Conti-V Advance enveloped.

  • Conti-V FO Pioneer is a new V-belt made in fibre reinforced EPDM material with a very strong polyester cord. The high performance EPDM compound gives the belt better temperature resistance (120°C) and improved dynamic durability.
    Power ratings are much higher compared with our previous Torque flex belt.
  • Conti-V Advance (former TLP), is a robust V-belt with double layers of fabric and an extra strong polyester cord. The belt is made in fibre reinforced Chloroprene and the big advantage of this design is that the belt doesnt loose tension during the lifetime.

Calculations can be made in Conti´s online calculation program Conti Professional.

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