Timing belts PU open end

Timing belts and pulleys

Timing belts PU open end

Our timing belts in PU is available in different kind of executions.
A number of different PU materials depending on application and also a number of different cord materials.

  • ELATECH® M and V,are produced in standard roll lengths of 100m and delivered to any desired length. It can also bespliced and welded.
  • ELA-flex SD™ are manufactured with truly endless steel tension cords, having no splice or welding. They are available in a wide range of profiles and pitches and can be made from 900mm up to 20000mm.
  • PU timing belts for conveying applications.
    The unique chemical and mechanical features of the belts together with a wide range of backings and cleats in different materials makes this belts ideal for conveying applications.


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