Flender Motox-N bevel helical K-series

Bevel helical bearboxes

Flender Motox-N bevel helical K-series

High quality bevel helical gearboxes produced in Germany by Siemens with local assembly and service at Jens S. 

  • Size K38 - K188
  • Ratio 5,36 - 306 (also four/five stage combination up to 13.000:1)
  • Hollow shaft Ø30 - 120 mm
  • Solid shaft Ø30 - 120 mm
  • Nominal torque up to 20.000 Nm
  • Available versions: IEC motor flange, IEC motor & integrated motor
  • Housing in: foot, housing flange, flange & shaft mounted design
  • Accessories: Flanges, backstop, torque arm, viton seals etc.


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